Rationel solar

Rationel SOLAR is used mostly in office and commercial buildings that have large south and west glass façades, where overheating may occur during the summer months. We offer five types of panes, which limit the amount of sunlight and heat coming into a building, depending on the light and heat . The most important role of South-facing façades is to utilize the available solar energy to heat up the house. Choose modern double or triple-glazed energy windows with a lower U-value and a high g-value, to make use of the free solar heat.

Naturally, as South-facing façades receive the most sun light there is a possibility . Aug Triple glazed windows are known for their ability to maximize energy efficiency in the winter months, but they can also keep you cool in the summer.

Those with a higher U value will let more light in. This will help you keep warm in the winter by letting in more solar. AURAPLUS is produced in a solid timber construction with an external aluminium cladding. The aluminium cladding makes the window extremely resistant to win weather and solar degradation. The angled glazing bead and ovolo moulded profile make it an ideal choice for country-style and traditional designs.

Rationel FORMA ensures that high levels of daylight and solar heat gain are achieved. This free heat is the best energy source available and also provides a healthy and comfortable indoor climate. Five types of panes limit the amount of sunlight and heat, depending on the light and heat shielding levels required.

Rationel have a large range of glazing options enabling you to completely customize your windows to suit your property perfectly. Please see below for the full range of glazing options. AURA og AURAPLUS er moderne lavenergi vinduer, der med sin enkelhed og få detaljer passer til nybyggeri og dansk arkitektur. Climate adjustable with solar shading, night insulation and natural ventilation.

Solar energy – daylight and energy gain. IO OS – remote control system. Our range of solar glass will help prevent overheating in the summer and our façade glass is excellent for creating special coloured glazing effects. With its solid timber construction, the DOMUS range offers the timeless appeal of natural wood on both the inside and outside, making it ideal for traditional refurbishments. Designed for a low-energy building style, the Scandinavian Rationel AURA window has a solid timber construction and the ability to attain high levels of solar gain.

Featuring a sleek and minimalist construction, AURA is perfect for modern building with a contemporary design. In terms of timber construction, the Rationel. The Traditional Rationel Range. Today, older and classic houses can also be refurbished to enjoy the advantages of energy efficient windows.

This means a much lower heating bill during the heating season and significant COsavings. Moreover, it improves the indoor climate both for comfort health by minimizing drafts and cold spots. Gg, An expression of total solar energy that passes through the glass and into the building.

Ug, The U-value of the glass. LTg, An expression of light transmission.

The percentage of light passing through the glass. WER, Window Energy Rating takes in both solar gain, heat loss, and heat lost through air infiltration into . By choosing this window range means that you are able to enjoy free heat, unquestionably the best energy source available, as well as . The slim and well-insulated construction makes it possible to let in more solar heat during winter than it lets out, resulting in a much lower heating bill and significant CO2 .