Kiloampere is a measure of electric current. Quickly convert amperes into kiloamperes (ampere to kiloampere ) using the online calculator for metric conversions and more. Instant online current units of ampere to kiloampere conversion. A—A) measurement units conversion.

Noun (plural kiloamperes) 1. A calibrating device for large direct current instruments up to 3kiloampere – turns.

Abstract: A device for calibrating large dc instruments ranging up to 3kA has been designed. The calibrating coil simulates the actual busbar and its turns can readily be changed to meet various required measurement ranges. High strength kiloampere Bi2Sr2CaCu2Ox cables for high-field magnet applications. Tengming Shen , Pei Li , Jianyi Jiang , Lance Cooley , John Tompkins , Dustin McRae and Robert Walsh 3. En kiloampere er det samme som tusen ampere. Symbolet for kiloampere er kA.

Ordet kiloampere er sammensatt av kilo og ampere. Ampere er grunnenheten for elektrisk strøm i SI- systemet. Quantity, Reference Unit, is equal to, Conversion Factor, Unit.

Few femtosecon few kiloampere electron bunch produced by a laser–plasma accelerator. German-English Dictionary: Translation for kiloampere. A current monitor has been developed to measure the electron current pulse from the NBS MeV pulsed electron generator. This monitor features low inductance and a risetime of the order of a hundred picoseconds, enabling it to faithfully reproduce high frequency components present in the electron . Electric current conversion is a free online calculator for converting metric and cgs units of Electric current. The kiloampere is a unit of electric current defined as 1. Properties of kiloampere.

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