Idag är akustisk design den huvudsakliga verksamheten för Glimakra of Sweden. För att säkerställa estetisk och teknisk kvalitet, . To ensure aesthetic and technical quality, our designers and . Glimakra of Sweden is a Swedish value-driving company with factors as Scandinavian acoustic higher design, greater flexibility and better quality. With these, we create favourable soundscapes for different types of public spaces. With knowledge and experience we develop and manufacture products in our own production .

LimbusSit is a collection of sound absorbing and sound reducing armchairs and sofas in the range of Limbus by Glimakra. Based on Limbus screens the design and feeling from the other Limbus products are recognised. The variations with different fabrics on screens, seats and cushions make it possible to customise the. Your source for quality looms, weaving equipment, and yarns from Sweden. Glimåkra Standard – Counterbalance loom.

In an effort to support retail stores nation wide, we ask that you purchase our products through your local store or preferred online store. The Julia, Standard and Ideal Loom from Glimakra. Glimakra Floor Looms For specific prices on the Glimakra Standard optional attachments please call or write.

Also see book Tying up the Countermarch Loom below.

We have a page on selecting a loom. At The Woolery, we offer many models of the Glimakra loom in amazing price ranges. Look no further and purchase yours today! Made in Sweden of Swedish pine, the full-sized Glimakra Standard loom is extremely versatile and can be adapted and expanded as your interests in weaving grow and change. Like other countermarch looms, it allows a large shed even on a high-tensioned warp.

The warp and cloth beams both have heavy metal ratchet . The Glimakra loom factory is located in Oxberg Sweden. It is a town known for many centuries for making beautiful and functional looms and reeds. It is also an area of forests which provide the wood for the looms. The weaving traditions are very strong in this area and looms have been made here for many centuries. Introducing Julia, the new entry-level offering from Glimakra ! Glimakra of Sweden AB, is a leading Scandinavian developer and manufacturer of customized subsystems for public interior design, ranging from screens and room dividers and accessories to reception desks, display cabinets etc.

The company has years history with quality woodwork and their employees have more than 7years experience in woodwork in various forms. Glimakra is among the leading producers and suppliers of customized . For most weaving one cross is sufficient, but sometimes the second cross is used for making warps double length so that two bouts can be wound at the same time. Ships as a kit, assembly required.

This is a Special Order item and not in stock at Fiber to Yarn. Will ship directly from the Glimakra U.