Funchal fire

Three people have died as wildfires raged in the city of Funchal , on the Portuguese island of Madeira. All three are said to have been elderly people whose homes caught fire. A thousand people have evacuated from homes and hotels.

Fires have also been blazing on the mainland and there are reports of . More people were evacuated in Funchal than in all the fires in continental Portugal, he said. The news this week showed that of Madeira suffered fire damage and of Funchal was burnt by fire.

A blog reader, and popular name on the German forums (WAUZIH) sent me a map he has put together showing which parts of Funchal were affected by fire. This shows that most of the tourist areas . Fire rages through homes in Funchal , the capital of the Portuguese island of Madeira. The blaze, fuelled by hot weather and strong winds, led to the evacuation of about 0local people and tourists in the archipelago off north-western Africa. About houses and a five-star hotel have been devoured by the fire. Flames licked at homes around Funchal , casting a plume of smoke over the . Forest fires rage in Funchal , Madeira Islan Portugal.

The fire has led to the evacuation of 4people. Portugal remains on high alert as a wave of wildfires has swept the country with around 3isolated fires affecting .

I heard the Castanheiro Boutique hotel was evacuated. Is Choupana Hills totally gone? Poor islanders, I just lost my. We are generally active seniors but wondering with smoke and fire damage if we should change to someplace on the Algave for that week?

Answer of 9: Planning on staying in Funchal for the first week,of October. Any suggestions appreciated as we are having second. Roque parish in Madeira that quickly spread throughout the region of Southern Madeira and to its capital Funchal.

The Calheta Wildfires account for nearly percent of all the burned area on the island. A 24-year-old man was arrested yesterday, accused of starting the fire deliberately in the São Roque Mountains, just outside Funchal. Local media say sources have told how the suspect has a criminal record for arson offences. As well as the three kille hundreds have been treated for injuries, including . Madeira officials have estimated that the fires will cost the island . Fires rip through the hills of Funchal , a tourist hotspot in Madeira. At least homes have been destroyed on the island of Madeira, off the north-west coast of Africa.

Up to 4people had been evacuated from their homes and 1were hurt. PORTUGAL FUNCHAL FOREST FIRE. Two fire brigades of Funchal , supported by three other from Madeira, were now mobilized to fight a fire that broke out in a forest area in San Roque.