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History, partnership and calculated risk in times of change for the FSC. Forest and market history Ideas shape the course of history. Nominations Open for FSC Leadership Awards.

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Connect with FSC US These . FSC sets standards for responsible forest management and enables consumers to make informed choices about the forest products they buy, to create . FSC is a world wide working forest certification NGO aiming at establishing an internationally acknowledged sustainable forest stewardship. The organisation is based on the consensus between nature protection, economy and workers. The FSC does this by setting standards on forest products, along with certifying and labeling them as eco-friendly.

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This document does not follow the format of the response form, but gives various notes and remarks which need to be addressed by TPAC in the re- assessment of FSC international. FSC International Centre, Gemeinnützige Gesellschaft mbH. Some questions are also raised.

FSC is a family business with years of award winning experience in creating, rolling out and managing bespoke customer food-on-the-move solutions. As part of our celebration of forests in the run up to FSC Friday, we are starting a new series – Women in Forestry. What better place to start than with the woman tasked with re-designing the FSC for the future.

There are no items matching the current filter. A long-standing issue with FSC in New Zealand has been the conflict arising around chemical herbicide use, principally hexazinone and terbuthalyzine. Currently under temporary . UPM and FSC Finland hosted Director General of International forest certification organisation FSC Kim Carstensen. The FSC certificate indicates to consumers that the wood used in the product has been sourced responsibly.

Chain of Custody Certification of Multiple Sites. Document reference code: FSC-STD-40- 0V2-EN. In October, both these decisions were forwarded to the FSC – International.

In a November visit, an FSC – International delegation confirmed . In a letter addressed to the President and CEO of Resolute Forest Products, Mr.

Richard Garneau, the Forest Stewardship Council ( FSC ) today asks Resolute to immediately stop its “discriminatory activities” against the internationally recognised certification system. This letter comes after several months of . This policy applies to decisions made by FSC Canada.