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Single layer Phoenix Super membranes are Broof TCertified. The methods are indicated by t t ten t4. On European level the Broof(t1), Froof(t1), Broof ( t), Froof(t2), Broof(t3), Croof(t3), Droof(t3),Froof(t3) of Broof(t4), . ANPE fire tests: Roof insulation under bituminous waterproof membranes (Test Broof , t). Isolante termico impermeabilizzante TERMO FIRE TOP BROOF TEPS.

Sistema coibente impermeabile con comportamento al fuoco esterno broof t, adatto sia nelle coperture industriali che civili.

La duttilità di questo sistema determina varie soluzioni con facilità di posa. Membrane tagliafuoco con certificazione Broof ( t). There are classification criteria for four test methods (German, French, English and Nordic). Class FROOF (t2) means that ignitability and. Essential characteristics.

Harmonised technical specification. External fire performance Part – 4. Case 3a – photovoltaic panels with FV panels of class or equivalent fire reaction on Broof ( t) classified roofs, in the light of the circular on the fire.

Circolare relativa ai requisiti antincendio degli impianti fotovoltaici installati sulle coperture degli edifici in cui si svolgono attività soggette al controllo di prevenzione . UV rays, variations in temperature and micro- organisms. Because the sedum plants can only be installed during the summer, it is important to use a membrane that can be both mechanically fastened and fire classified. Testing Institute) using the Broof ( t) test and comparing build-ups with largely similar U-values.

Because of its high thermal performance, the PU build-up was considerably . Luokka FROOF ( t2) tarkoittaa, ettei . The following criteria have been defined for wood products fulfilling the European fire class BROOF ( t) for external roofs: − Wood panels made of pine or spruce with thickness ≥ mm. Wooden shingles of pine or spruce with thickness ≥ mm. The thickness of the shingle may be less at the upper end below to ≥ 2 . Normally class BROOF ( t) will . Classes BROOF in the table below, without the need for testing. Cool Roof con membrana riflettente Megaver California – SRI – Broof T- Saint-Gobain.

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