Altro safety vinyl

The creators of safety flooring. Altro is an international supplier of slip-resistant flooring for any indoor environment, wet or dry, commercial or industrial. Perfect to combat any level of slip-risk. Altro Walkway is easy to cove and weld.

Designed for a wide range of different purposes, this vinyl flooring is the perfect product for those looking for excellent value for money.

View our range of colours and order your free sample today. Altro safety flooring significantly reduces your risk of slips and falls in demanding environments like busy commercial kitchens and wet environments. Great for food preparation and service areas such as kitchen and canteens where safety is of utmost importance. Explore a wide range of Stronghold colours and order your free sample today. Visit our website to see more examples.

Altro Contrax is a heavy duty slip resistant vinyl flooring. Rrated safety flooring, ideal for use in any area where a slip risk exists. Altro are one of the leading manufacturers of safety flooring, offering ranges of PVC flooring with a non-slip vinyl coating.

Pressure created by walking causes the grains to push up against the shoe, creating friction and improving traction. Altro high performance safety flooring is a unique combination of plasticized vinyl , aluminum oxide grains and silicon carbide grains with a glass fiber reinforcement. Some ranges also include quartz aggregates. The underfoot safety of any floor is dependent on the coefficient of . Altro safety flooring and wall protection systems are engineered to create safe and hygienic environments that are durable and easy to clean and maintain.

The future is safer with Altro is a guiding philosophy for Altro , at the core of everything they do. Each product in the range is designed to meet specific flooring needs as efficiently and cost . If you require the original safety. Classic by name, classic by nature. Det opnår en score på PTV ≥ i pendultesten, hvilket betyder vedvarende skridsikkerhed gennem hele produktets levetid.

Det har også PUR rengøringsvenlighe som sikrer den bedst mulige afvisning af . Slip Resistant flooring has a none-slip coating and is designed to be fitted in wet areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, changing rooms, store rooms and clinical areas. It is suitable for both domestic and commercial . De samme standarder med høj PVC kvalitet og hårdpartikler igennem hele tykkelsen som i andre Altro safety gulve. Altro Safety Flooring gives you peace of mind.

Fully bounded vinyl flooring with hot welded joints can provide a watertight and bankable system.

The addition of Altrosan bacteriostat is proven to inhibit the growth of bacteria. All Altro safety flooring benefits from either Altro Maxis Easy clean PUR, Altro Maxis Technology or Altro Easy clean Technology, providing varying . Altro’s unique, patented construction incorporates flexible, high grade vinyl with slip-resistant grains throughout, . This ensures a durable surface. Wherever people work, they can find themselves walking through substances such as water, therefore increasing the risk of injury from slipping. Altro offer a range of solutions designed specifically for these kinds of environments, which drastically reduce that risk of slipping on water to one in a million.

In healthcare, the high-tech industry and clean rooms, equipment failure is not an option. It gives the highest level of protection against Electro Static Discharge (ESD), when conductive footwear is worn.