Airflake is now available in two sizes. CAD- AIRFLAKE -XL, dwg, Download. There are felt color choices. The open flakes allow more light to pass whilst the closed flake improves sound quality.

Air Flake is a biomimetic material inspired by down.

It provides all the loft, warmth and fluffy texture of down while offering the functional benefits of synthetic fiber. Each module is designed around a hexagonal shape. This modular system is built around the shape of a he.

They can be used to create transparent room dividers and to create the sense of a room within a room. A modular system based on a hexagon in a variety of colours that can be combined freely to create a hanging partition. I saw a need for a product that could be hung lengthways or sideways in the centre of a space as a room divider that absorbed soun yet still be transparent.

The design is based on overlapping circles that divide and multiply.

Sound absorbing screen made from moulded fibre felt. The product is made from moulded fibre felt and has an inspiring pattern. It is fixed to a straight or radius rail in aluminium for mounting in the ceiling or on the wall.

The system is built around a hexagon in a variety of designs and colours. It is an easy, flexible system where you can create your own geometrical patterns. The modules can be connected with plastic . It can also be fixed directly to a wall. Small pieces freely join one another and are suspended from the ceiling, creating a hanging sound absorbing divider. Designed by Stefan Borselius.

Et modulsystem basert på en sekskant i en rekke utførelser og farger som fritt kan kombineres for å skape en hengende skillelinje. Modulene sammenkobles med plastklips til ulike . Primary innovation features. Moulded fiber felt panels in five colours and four patterns.

Lifetime Season Points: 0. They are slightly flexible and impact resistant. How to mount airflake on rails.

Picture 3- wall mounting. GET TO KNOW THE SUPERSTORE.